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Train with us

If you’re a registrar looking to complete your GP training module, you’ll find Te Awamutu Medical Centre a stimulating and rewarding place to do it.

You’ll be supervised at all times by Dr Paul Kennedy or Dr Alison Glover, who are our GP trainers.

As well as GP consultations, we offer a range of medical services and procedures on-site, including:

  • Minor surgery
  • Health promotion and disease detection
  • Accident treatment
  • Preventative medicine
  • Diabetes follow-up clinic
  • Smoking cessation
  • Women's health
  • Dermatoscopy

Te Awamutu, in the heart of the Waikato dairy country, has a population of just under 16,000, of normal gender and age ranges. Socio-economically, it’s considered to be in the middle. About 15-20% of the population identifies as Maori.

Te Awamutu Medical Centre operates as a traditional family practice, where patients are registered to their own doctor. This enables the patient to establish an ongoing, trusting relationship with their doctor and helps ensure they receive continuity of care.

Our normal practice hours are Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm and Saturdays 9am-12pm. We also have a dedicated accident and emergency area, which operates during our practice hours.

After-hours medical care is provided by the Anglesea Clinic in Hamilton.

The Clinic

Te Awamutu Medical Centre is a modern and efficient practice. We use Medtech32 practice management software.

Our PHO affiliation is with Midlands Health Network. We are CORNERSTONE accredited (since 2006).

At our clinic, we have seven owner-GPs, four staff doctors, two Physician Associates and locums. Each GP has a consulting room with an adjacent nurse’s room. We have 12 practice nurses, a Business Manager, and 10 receptionists and admin support staff.

In addition, patients have access to visiting specialists and healthcare workers, as well as physiotherapy, X-rays and ultrasound, and a pharmacy. For more on our specialists, see our services page.

With each doctor having their own nurse’s station, patients have the opportunity to develop a relationship with the nursing staff who work with their own doctor. Our practice nurses offer a range of specialist nursing services, including:

  • Child immunisations/ B4 School
  • Cardiac education including Ambulatory BP monitoring
  • Blood pressure checks
  • Liquid nitrogen for warts and lesions
  • Smoking Cessation Clinic
  • Ear syringing
  • Diabetes clinics and education
  • Asthma education
  • Preventative Health Care
  • Cervical smear service
  • Spirometry

Patients do not need to make appointments for the nurses’ rooms or the accident and emergency clinic.

Registrar Timetable

You’ll be working from 9am-5pm daily, except for seminar day release on Wednesday. Initially, you will be given longer appointment times.

After-hours and casualty sessions are part of the programme. There will be five of these sessions spread throughout your six months with us, which will be arranged by mutual agreement. The sessions are based in Te Awamutu Medical Centre and Anglesea Clinic in Hamilton, so there will be no overnight duties. Your trainer will be in attendance at all your after-hours sessions.

About Te Awamutu

You’ll enjoy your time in Te Awamutu! It’s a pleasant, friendly town, just 25 minutes’ drive from Hamilton, with all amenities in easy reach.

To discover more about what Te Awamutu has to offer, visit Te Awamutu Online.