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Train with us

If you’re a registrar looking to complete your GP training module, we'd like to talk with you about joining us here at Te Awamutu Medical Centre! 

One of our two accredited teaching doctors, Dr Paul Kennedy and Dr Alison Glover, will partner with you throughout your experience at Te Awamutu Medical Centre.

Te Awamutu Medical Centre is CORNERSTONE accredited (since 2006), the highest accreditation available under the Royal NZ College of General Practitioners.

We’re a cohesive Team with a Medical Director, 14 General Practitioners, Physician Associates, Nurse Practitioners, Nurse Prescriber, registered Nurses, dedicated Diabetes Nurses, a Clinical Pharmacist, Community Health Worker, Health Care Assistants, General Manager, Practice Manager and Administrators – just under 60 of us, full and part time.

Our Urgent Care Clinic (casualty) is open from 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday, no appointment necessary. We have an extensive range of clinical services - you'll find this here @ New Patient Information

We are a well-resourced medical practice and a Team that embraces new ideas and discussion to affect positive change. We are constantly evolving. Our care for and communication with patients is a priority, as is our support for staff, their wellbeing and competency. We also value our relationships with the affiliated clinicians and organisations we work alongside. 

Registrar Timetable

Your workday will be from 9.00am to 5.00pm, except for seminar day release on Wednesdays. Initially, you will be given longer appointment times.

As part of the programme, there will be five after-hours casualty sessions spread throughout your six months, arranged by mutual agreement. The sessions are based at Te Awamutu Medical Centre and Anglesea Clinic, Hamilton. There are no overnight duties. Your trainer will be in attendance for all after-hours sessions.

It is a privilege for us at Te Awamutu Medical Centre to work alongside registrars and be an integral part of their training.

You might even like to stay on and join our Team here, as others have done before @ Work with us

Te Awamutu Medical Centre is a short walk from the town’s main street. Free parking is available for your working day.

About Te Awamutu

You’ll enjoy your time in Te Awamutu! It's a pleasant, friendly town with all amenities in easy reach and just 25 minutes' drive along a designated special character route to Hamilton city.

To discover more about what Te Awamutu has to offer, visit Te Awamutu Online. For more go to @ Work with us